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Parking Lot Sealing Cost

Sealcoating is an essential component of maintaining any parking lot and keeping it in good condition. The parking lot can wear out with time because of the traffic and usage as well as the weather elements. It is essential helps to protect the surface of the parking lot from water and sun damage and keep it in good condition for optimum use. A damaged parking lot not only looks unattractive but it also lowers the appeal of your business. Parking lot sealing costs can vary depending on the size and damage of the area.

One should get their parking lot sealed every year. The parking lot sealing cost depend on several factors such as the size, regional cost differences, crack repairs, obstacles, markings and Sealer application. Most paving contractors will decide their price after looking at the paving contractors parking, plus the damage that will decide the additional labor and materials. Where the parking area located is can also control the final costs, as Sealcoating rates are higher in the urban areas as compared to the rural. Repairs of the extensive damage due to cracks can pile on the costs as those cracks need to be filled and patched before sealing.


The Parking Lot

One should hire a professional for the technical task. Depending on the parking lot’s condition and size, the equipment can reduce a cost about $50 to $200. The professional can charge anywhere from $200 to $500. The professional seal coating contractors have all the equipment to complete the task. They can make out the number of phases in the project and the amount of cleaning & preparation required for the project. A lot depends on the condition of the parking lot. Pavement sealer would want the area to be 100% clean before they start the sealing. Most businesses demand at least two layers of asphalt sealer based on the traffic rate. For example, the parking lot of a gas station and restaurant need a thicker pavement seal.

Before applying the sealer, the parking lot is cleaned properly so that the sealer can adhere to the surface properly. It is essential to apply a higher number of coats on the areas under high-traffic. Those extra applications can raise the parking lot sealing cost. Sometimes, there are obstructions in the parking area, and the contractor needs to work around them. This can take more time, and the contractor is likely to increase his costs as he has to take more precautions. After the sealing is done, the area is re-painted or re-striped. This is an essential but additional expense, and one must not forget to add those expenditures to the parking lot sealing cost.
The average cot Parking lot sealing cost ranges from $0.15 – $0.30 per square foot. Some factors that can impact the costs are the varying and rising cost of coal tar and raw materials. The current prices depend on the cost of crude oil and various chemicals. Always hire a professional to make sure that there are no short cuts being applied or cutting corners.