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Parking Lot Resurfacing

asphalt-pavingAsphalt pavement is commonly used for the parking lot as it is durable, easy to apply and cost-effective. Moreover, it is preferred because of the strength and simplicity of construction. This is why it is the first choice for parking lot making or resurfacing as it is able to withstand heavier loads and can last for many years. Routine inspections and continuing preventative maintenance are essential to keep the parking lot surface in good condition. Go for a professional asphalt inspection if you notice any cracks or other damages. This is important because if those cracks are not repaired promptly, other corrosive materials and water will start settling into the cracks and cause expansion, and further damage.  If thinking of resurfacing of the parking lot, it is essential to develop a plan first.


Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a long-term and affordable solution for the severe cases. The process of resurfacing includes prepping and cleaning the damaged area. The asphalt is leveled onto the affected area and the drainage structures adjusted, according to the specific site. Asphalt overlay places a hot mixtureof asphalt over the current asphalt, and once the newly laid asphalt mix begins to get cooled, the curing process starts and allows the new pavement to become firm.

Resurfacing in cold weather should be avoided as it can lead to premature deterioration and failure. Plan your budgeting for maintenance and develop a pavement maintenance plan once the resurfacing is done. Keep the pavement in the best possible condition with regular care and inspections. Sometimes, it is possible to resurface a cracked pavement, and the linear cracks can be filled up with a hot rubberized sealant. However, it is difficult to fill up the Alligator cracks. Pavement should be about 3 inches thick to be the most effective and for best results.

Pavement resurfacing is also referred to as pavement overlay or an asphalt overlay.  The process includes placing a new layer of asphalt over the current pavement and is about two inch in depth. If the pavement becomes oxidizedheavily, the danger of developing cracks grows. This is when one should seriously consider a resurfacing which is more effective and cost-efficient than a complete reconstruction. There are several factors that determine the lifespan of the parking lot resurface such as the weather patterns and elements, traffic and the routine maintenance of the surface. With regular care and proper maintenance, the parking lot can easily last for more than ten years.

Proper drainage conditions are essential when you resurface the parking lot. There should be a minimum slope of 1% for the water to drain properly. Edge milling is very important, and the edges of existing asphalt should be lower than the level of adjacent concrete.

Let a reputed paving contractor have the specifications drawn up for the parking lot resurfacing and this is essential if you want to make the most informed decision possible related to your needs. Get the catch basins and drains inspected and cleaned yearly and have those cracks repaired and filled uponce a year.  Those simple efforts can extend the life of the pavement.