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Process of parking lot installation

parking-lot-installationThe parking lots can vary in their size and purpose and hence no two parking lots are exactly the same.  The size of the parking lot and the volume of traffic determine how the parking lot will get made and installed or how thick the asphalt will be. There are several steps to the parking lot installation and certain guidelines to follow when laying down the asphalt. It is necessary to make use of the right construction methods and follow the right steps and avoid any shortcuts.

Parking Lot Installation

Make a deep dig
The strength of the current subgrade soil plays a significant role in estimating the design and performance of the parking lot. Thus, before you start, make a geotechnical analysis and test the current soil conditions regarding moisture content and compaction.

The traffic volume and kind
The parking lot will probably get used by passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks and those vehicles are relatively lightweight. However, the commercial trucks are heavy vehicles, and their presence can have a significant influence on how thick the pavement will be. Thus, make a note of the anticipated size, weight, and frequency of the vehicle before installing the parking lot.

Picking the right mix
One of the most popular mixtures is the Asphalt mixtures that can be made with diverse combinations of liquid asphalt, aggregates, and additives. However, design the mix that is specifically suited for the application. Long lasting parking lot mixtures need to be fine graded in order to avoid moisture and should carry a high liquid asphalt content b for a lasting durability. Asphalt pavements are known to be the most versatile and economic solution when making a parking lot.

Adding the Green touch
Experts recognize the importance of using a recycled mix of Asphalt and Asphalt happens to be the most recycled product. RAP or Recycled Asphalt Pavement is used for quality pavements. The advantage of recycling and reusing materials is that the methods are environmentally responsible and save landfill space. By using the warm mix asphalt, it is easier to conserve fuel and prepare the parking lots to face the weather elements. An increasing number of designers and owners are opting for green materials and practices in the installation of the parking lot.

A solid foundation and good drainage
Make a well-prepared base with quality materials to establish a strong working platform. Make the layer at least four to eight inch thick and with dense graded aggregate. As water can damage the parking lot, keep a slope to provide adequate drainage. Porous pavements allow the water to seep in and reach the underlying ground.

With the right start and proper installations, you can have a parking lot that will not only look nice but will last for many years. The well-compacted asphalt mixture should be evenly placed for optimal performance and looks. Get in touch with quality paving contractors who are capable of constructing parking lots that meet the schedules and serves their customers best. Look forward to decades of proven performance from your parking lot and, make a substantial financial investment.

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