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Parking Lot Resurfacing Cost

Paved areas outside residential and commercial buildings can vary in their size and design. The primary purpose behind a parking lot is to define a designated area for the vehicles to park. Depending on the volume of traffic and the usage, the parking lot is likely to wear and tear with time. Thus, it may need repairs and resurfacing because of the cracks and damage. The parking lot resurfacing cost will rely a lot on the size, the extent of damage and the kind of material being used.
Generally speaking, the average cost to resurface a parking lot is about $2 per square foot for a two-inch asphalt overlay. However, the costs may get significantly higher if one is thinking of tearing out the current pavement and several other factors. Several aspects control the final parking lot resurfacing cost. The cost of building and resurfacing parking lots are calculated per square foot, and there are several variables involved in their construction, maintenance, resurfacing and replacement. There is no “one size fits all” formula here.

If the parking lot is severely cracked, it will develop drainage issues and on would need to grind off 1” – 3” of existing asphalt. The cost of milling can range.25 – $0.60 per square foot. Alligator cracks in the parking lot are sure to create underground water issues. It is advised to fit a geotextile paving fabric before resurfacing the pavement. The cost can typically vary from $0.14-$0.22 per square foot. Any extensive puddling can occur because of an improper grade of materials. Elevations can be created to promote positive drainage. However, the parking lot resurfacing cost can vary under those conditions.

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Several other factors control the costs of parking lot resurfacing such as the availability of raw materials and the volatility in fuel costs, which can vary between states. It is observed that the costs of liquid asphalt cement and hot mix asphalt can fluctuate. The availability of raw materials is another important factor. As some markets may have a plant of asphalt plants in their surroundings, the costs of the material can be lower there. Many plants carry the capacity to stockpile recycled asphalt and thus impact the cost of disposal of millings. The longer transportation of asphalt and millings to another location can increase the costs. Other factors that affect the parking lot resurfacing cost is the accessibility of the job.
The asphalt paving industry is flooded with a different supplier who provides inferior materials and workmanship. Their main aim is to make quick profits in the short run. The most popular short cut with them is to install less asphalt than required. They make use of high-pressure sales tactics to lure the customers into buying their low-quality products and services. It is always recommended to look for an experienced and professional paving contractor carrying a good reputation in the market. Take into consideration several factors before getting the parking lot repaired or resurfaced. Start calling local expert companies that specialize in asphalt repair and ask for quotes.