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Exactly What Is The Cost Of Parking Lot Sealcoating?

Before you consider sealcoating on a parking lot, it is important to know how much it costs. Knowing the average cost of parking lot sealcoating can help you to efficiently supply all the necessary materials, as well as your budget for this. There are different factors when it comes to sealcoating.

Likewise, you must know the price of sealcoating. Regularly, the price of sealcoating ranges from $0.14 to $0.25 per square foot. Here are the factors that can affect the price of sealcoating:

  • Preparation and cleaning – It is important to assess how dirty a parking lot is. The time that is spent in cleaning the parking lot will be involved with the use of air blowers and hand brooms made out of steel wire. In addition. For the asphalt to completely adhere, a pavement sealer is used.
  • Mobilizations – This is also important as it is the amount of phases that the project can be completed to lessen disruption to users, as well as tenants.
  • Parking lot layout – Another factor that can affect the price of sealcoating is the layout of the parking lot. Parking lots made entirely of asphalt may affect the price of the sealcoating.
  • The size of the parking lot that requires sealcoating – The size of the parking lot is likewise an important factor for the sealcoating to be efficient. The number of the crew that will perform sealcoating can also affect the time a parking lot will be sealcoated.