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Seal Coat Parking Lot

asphalt-pavingSeal coating is the best way to extend the life of your parking lot by sealing the redeeming properties of asphalt, thereby enhancing pavement life by the preservation of its functional properties. Any asphalt pavement is open to the rigours of weather, like sun and water. The main reason to seal coat an asphalt pavement is to protect it from these elements, as they cause the asphalt to harden or oxidise. The resulting temperature change will make the pavement brittle and ultimately crack. This is due to the fact that the pavement is not able to bend or flex when under heavy traffic.

 Provide Seal Coat

Providing a seal coat has many positives. First if all a seal coat provides for that essential waterproof membrane which completely slows down the process of oxidation, expelling excess water from seeping into the base material. The second important usefulness is the increase in surface friction as a result of seal coating. Over a period of time, due to wear and tear, the traffic causes the fine material on the asphalt pavement to wear away. This condition is usually referred to as ravelling. Ravelling, over the course of time, makes the surface smooth and slippery, thereby making it dangerous to drive, as stopping quickly becomes a hazard.

Seal coat parking lot could get affected due to climatic conditions, especially during the construction stage. A nice warm and sunny day is ideal as humidity may delay the curing stage and retain the moisture in the seal coat, making it prone to damage by the moving traffic. Secondly an uncured asphalt binder can rise above the aggregate and get attached to the tyres and get carried away. Care should however be taken that before seal coating the asphalt, the relative condition of the asphalt should be good like, little rutting or potholes. If any such problem exists, the asphalt should be repaired first, before seal coating it.

As the name suggests, seal coating is a provider of a protective seal that acts as a barrier against deterioration of the pavement. Even though an asphalt pavement is known to last up to 30 years, its life can be cut short due to the constant exposure to water,chemicals and sunlight. A seal coat, effectively safeguards the asphalt from these harmful elements. Apart from saving money in the long run, seal coating improves the aesthetics of the parking lot considerably. A pretty parking lot, is a great attraction for prospective property clients.

Ultimately, the final decision to seal coat is best left to you. If your asphalt is old and untreated, sealing it will have little or no effect. Damaged asphalt, will not respond positively to seal coat treatments, unless the cracks are properly filled up first. Again, if your parking lot is dirt or gravel, seal coating it will not work. Seal coating extends the life of your asphalt by 300%,provided it is done within 18 months of its installation. Other main reasons to seal coat your parking lot are :

  • creates better traction
  • makes traffic lines more visible
  • doubles pavement life
  • decreases chemical damage

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