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How to Protect Your Parking Lot from Sun Damage

protection parkingParking lots are exposed to lots of wear and tear and the structure exposed to the public and vehicles. Thus, the area faces unique challenges due to physical and chemical abuse as well as niche stresses. The waterproofing and use of surfacing materials for the parking lot are often ignored or underestimated. The correct specification and the use of the right material are critical within parking environments in order to deliver long-term facility for vehicle owners and parking operators. Read on to learn how to protect parking lot to keep it safe and protected from sun damage.

Sealcoating Parking Lot Protection

Damage from the sun can be severe and cause the parking lot to crack. The temp on the surface of the sun is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and by the time the sun rays reach the surface of the earth, they cool down significantly. Nevertheless, they are still harsh enough o cause damage to the parking lot and thus you need to be aware and do the needful to offer suitable parking lot protection.

The moment the parking lot is layers with asphalt, the sun rays start beating the surface. Under the hot sun, the temperatures of the car park surface can reach 172 degrees, which is sufficient to damage the surface. Ultraviolet rays of the4 sun can fuse with the oxygen in the asphalt and cause chemical bonds that further lead to cracks. Just like your skin need shelter from the sun rays, the surface of the parking lot too needs a layer of protection. The procedure is known as seal coating.

Sealcoating covers the parking lot and offers protection to the asphalt layer underneath. It slows down the deterioration process and maintains the pavement’s look and integrity. Any neglect can cause the parking lot to crack and eventually break. There are different options available for Sealcoating, which is made of anti-oxidizing additives that work as a shield against the weather elements, especially the sun. It keeps the asphalt surface away from any wear and tear. One can use a slurry seal which is very much like a seal coat but adds aggregate to the mix. The advantage of aggregate is that it helps to replace the fine cracks that surface out in the pavement over time. However, one can use Slurry seals which are relatively inexpensive and add a lot of benefits.

Another option is Microsurfacing which adds even a higher durability and quality to the parking lot surface. The higher polymer and asphalt residual layer that covers the slurry seal creates a much stronger surface. TRMSS or the Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer can further add to the pavement’s life by securing loosely aggregated layer and replacing surface oils. The above-listed options are ideal for preventing sun damage to asphalt. Avoid getting the asphalt get burned and seal coat the parking lot with the right material, to extend its life and prevent any cracks or damage. The most suitable coating material should be durable, handle UV exposure and any problematic conditions.

Besides providing service for seal coating, we also provide service for concrete pin piles.