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Potholes Damage to Cars

Motorists, the world over, spend a huge amount of money on repairs for their vehicles which have been damaged by to pothole hits. While visual damage can be assessed by checking the tires,wheels and outer parts of the vehicle, the checking of the hidden parts is more worrying. While a driver may immediately become aware that his vehicle has been hit by a pothole, the actual damage,if any, to the steering, alignment and suspension systems, can only be determined by an expert.


If you happen to hit a pothole while on the road,you must get your vehicle checked by a professional technician for any warning signs as soon as possible. If your vehicle displays signs of bouncing, swaying or loss of control, especially when the road surface is rough, indicators are that things are wrong.The main systems relating to safe driving are suspension and steering, and they are the first which are most likely to get affected. Other important parts like shock absorbers, ball bearings, ball joints, hubs and the ends of the tie rods.

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Potholes Damage

When the vehicle tends to pull in one direction only, instead of maintaining a straight course, it usually means that the tyre wear has set in.This has a big affect on the alignment, which in turn is bound to reflect on the lifespan of the tyres and enable proper and safe handling during driving. Since tyres are the main source of connection between your vehicle and the road, the related problems should be carefully checked without any delay. Low wheel pressure, dents on the tire rims, blisters or bulges  are all indicators of critical condition of the tires.

The damage caused by hitting a pothole is an everyday hazard on the roads mainly due to the fact that the presence of potholes is never obvious. As soon as you feel a jerk or jolt in a pothole run-in, it is best to get a timely inspection done immediately. If you overlook this important aspect, it is very much possible that you will end up with a bigger financial loss spending on damaged body parts and systems.

The potential damage which a pothole can cause can be identified from:

▪ Tyre puncture, tire wear and damage

▪  Damage to the wheel rims

▪  Untimely wear of the shock absorbers and struts.

▪  Damage to suspension

▪  Broken components

▪  Alignment of the steering system

▪  Exhaust system damage

▪  Damage to the engine

The bottom line is that in every case when you hit a pothole or suspect any damage, however small it may feel, get the vehicle inspected immediately. A good tip to stay steer or reduce pothole damage is to maintain the correct tire pressure at all times. A properly filled tire will act as a good buffer between the pothole and the rims. Leave some distance between cars in order to spot potential potholes before you hit them. Drive at a reduced speed in bad weather as pothole size is difficult to ascertain in inclement weather.