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Asphalt parking lot repair

There are many things to be taken into consideration when opting for a coat of asphalt towards repair of your parking lot. Routine and timely surveys of the parking area are the best ways to minimise defects and save costs. Another important aspect is the timing of the asphalt repair work. The time of the year also goes into determining  as to when and which parking lot to fix. The most common areas which normally need to be redressed are bad joints,potholes, structural failure and loss of aggregate from the pavement surface or raveling.

Asphalt pavements are long lasting and cost effective, and such are utilised in many different applications. Due to its ability to withstand heavy loads, easy construction and prolonged utility, they are widely preferred over other surfaces. To get the best result from your installed parking lot, routine inspection and maintenance work is vital. Despite the best efforts, your parking place will need asphalt repair at some time or the other, which can be carried out in different ways.

Parking Lot Repair

Patching the distress areas is a common method for asphalt parking lot repair work. This is commonly adopted on places where potholes have occurred. When surface water gets into the cracks in the pavement which have been left unsealed, potholes are formed. This water, when frozen, tends to expand and further open up the cracks already formed. When this water finally melts, a gap is created into which the pavement automatically falls, thereby forming a pothole. The asphalt repair method, now consists of filling the concerned areas with a cold or hot mix, depending on the season.

The strength of the asphalt pavement, diminishes with use and time. Pavements have known to have develop grade depression, due to water seepage and cracks, thereby requiring urgent restoration, by complete removal of the affected area. This severe case of asphalt failure, requires some important steps and specific points to be ascertained beforehand. The cost too needs looking into, as it can vary with location, and the amount of repair work required.

The resurfacing procedure of asphalt needs to be done carefully and stepwise. Clean the entire area, level it up, paying attention to drainage points. Resurfacing process can include Petromat, a petroleum based geotextile fabric which will reduce formation of cracks between the new pavement and the asphalt surface. Petromat also adds strength by acting as a waterproof membrane. A leveling binder can be used in low lying areas to maintain proper gades and increase strength. Butt grinding or Transitional milling is useful in places where the surface is required to be tied into other existing surfaces. In critical cases, infrared asphalt repair technology is effective, by which an absolute seamless surface is restored by blending the hot mix asphalt with the original. Infrared repair, allows for better penetration, without scaling or allowing the asphalt and the aggregate to separate. These repairs take less time and are seamless and waterproof.

Besides asphalt service, we also provide flat roof repair service.