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Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Pavement

protect-parking-lotIt can be expensive to resurface a parking lot or driveway, and often the budget invokes a surprised reaction. It would be a lot better to follow a proactive approach and extend the life of the pavement. The key lies in looking for the warning signs and watch out for any deterioration. If taken good care, one can enjoy a good 15-20 years from a quality asphalt pavement. Regular maintenance and upkeep can add years to the Asphalt surface and keep away the considerable expense of reconstruction.

Certain factors that can impact the life of the pavement include the type of soil under the base and the freeze/thaw cycles. The life expectancy can be longer if the climate has fewer freeze/thaw cycles. Weather elements such as the sun, oxidation, and water can damage the asphalt surface if left untreated. Still one can enjoy many years of useful service from a well designed and constructed asphalt pavements. All you need to do is go through the following tips to increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement.

Keep any Water Damage away

Prevent water intrusion under the pavement as water is susceptible to freeze and thaw, and this can damage the pavement prematurely. The pavement surface should get a good drainage that keeps the water away from the Asphalt surface and the driveway. Consult this with the paving contractor who is going to do the paving process.

Fill Cracks
Watch out for any cracks developing in the pavement and do not ignore them.  Fill them up before they get bigger. Moreover, water can enter these cracks and can start damaging the surface from underneath. If you find too many cracks, it is best to get a professional help and hire a contractor.

Regular Sealcoating
Proceed with Sealcoating periodically and regularly, especially when the previous seal coat has been worn out. Sealcoating helps seals the surface of the asphalt and prevent water seepage or protect the surface from weather elements. It is time to seal coat again if one can see the bare pavement below the seal coat. Make sure to buy the sealcoat material yourself and browse through the several sealcoat materials. All of them are not the same and go for the top quality.

Keep the surface clean
Sweeping the parking lot or driveway on a regular basis and keep away any loose aggregate and glass that can damage the Asphalt surface. The debris can not only damage the asphalt but can hide the cracks in the asphalt surface that you may fail to notice. Thus, regularly sweep or blow the pavement.

If you have been followed the above steps and discover that the pavement still looks worn out, then perhaps it is time to think about replacing the asphalt. Filling cracks and Sealcoating can be labor intensive. Thus, contacting a contractor with the right equipment and experience is a must.

Follow a good maintenance program that can certainly add a few extra years to your pavement and help you save money in the long run while providing an easy to clean surface.

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