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What to Do with Alligator Cracking in Asphalt

Alligator cracking, or Crocodile cracking is a condition in which interconnected cracks appear on the asphalt layer of a road resembling the hide of an alligator. The main reason for it to appear is traffic loading often called a loading failure. There could be other reasons for it such as improper drainage, sub-base failure, and too much load.  If it is not repaired on time, then it can worsen the condition of the pavement leading to the formation of potholes, repair of which is an expensive and lengthy process.

Causes of Cracking Asphalt

The asphalt cracking as discussed is caused by overload. The sub-layer under the asphalt when is not adequate to support the load on the road the alligator cracking appears. Another possible reason is stripping which is called as raveling in which the aggregate which is a mixture of sand, concrete, gravel is dislodged. This happens because of the poor adhesive used between the asphalt and aggregate layers. Stripping should be rectified as soon as possible as it affects the thickness of the pavement which is the main factor deciding the loading capacity of the pavement.

Proper consultation with an asphalt paving expert is required to treat the alligator cracking as there is a difference between pavements designed parking for cars and cargo trailers. The expert will be able to figure what is needed to repair the alligator cracking. Evaluating the asphalt sub-base damage is also vital. Whether the sub-base needs to be replaced or repaired can be told be an expert. It is advisable to replace the damaged asphalt sub base with a fresh asphalt surface to give more strength to the pavement. In some cases the best possible solution is to change the entire base, ensuring that the cracks never appear again.  This way the parking or the driveway repaired is fixed for another twenty years regarding durability.

There are environmental factors too, which can cause an alligator cracking. Extreme cold weather conditions like heavy thaws can affect the asphalt substructure, making it weak in turn resulting in load failure and reduced strength. Generally, when these cracks become visible one should apply crack filler or seal coating (You can contact preventivesupport.com if you need help with asphalt sealcoating in Boca Raton) which will fill the cracks temporarily, afterward weather permitting will stop the cracks from spreading further and making the problem worse. If possible vehicles should not allow to use the affected area if the vehicles will keep passing over the affected the area, then the asphalt sub-base will get damaged, and cracks will appear. These are not the permanent solutions anyway. Digging the affected area and evaluate the real cause by the experts is the only permanent solution to asphalt repair.

Very often cold asphalt mix is used to cover the patch of the cracks; many times it again results in cracks. Experts suggest that the hot asphalt mix is a better option to cover the patches. The Hot mixer can only be handled by professionals. So to deal with the alligator cracks professional help from experts should be availed to avoid worsening of the patches and cracks.