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Asphalt parking lot life expectancy

Any parking lot, no matter what the surface, tends to deteriorate with age and time. An asphalt parking lot too, begins to become patchy and ugly looking after some years of laying. This then  soon develops into a safety hazard which needs attending to, apart from the poor visueal appeal it may give to your driveway and building.The main aim while installing an asphalt parking lot should be to maximise its lifespan as much as possible, before replacing it.It is estimated that if the asphalt surfacing  has been laid in a specific and proper manner, with regular maintenance every two to three years, then it can easily withstand the elements for at least twenty years without any major drawbacks. However, considering the location and amount of exposure to adverse weather conditions, the surface may require treatments or thin overlays after seven or eight years, which can then further extend it’s life expectancy by another five years or so. In the long run, timely repair of a surface is much more economical than rebuilding all over again of a poor surface.

Asphalt parking

The key word in an asphalt parking lot age is maintenance. Compared to a concrete or other hard surface material, asphalt topped surfaces need extra care and looking into. Other things to be considered are, traffic, the quality of installation, drainage plan put in place, stability of the subgrade and frequency of inspection and repair. The climate of the place is also an important factor, since asphalt is preferred over concrete when it comes to freezing and thawing. In an area prone to heavy snowfall, the dark color of the asphalt surface can melt the snow faster as it absorbs the heat of the sun much more than other type of surfaces. Commercial parking lots and driveways, due to the density of traffic may require more maintenance than others.

Even the best designed asphalt surface cannot escape from the vagaries of the natural forces. The asphalt in a typical parking lot or driveway, starts to degrade little by little after the first few years. This steady decline continues till the eighth year of construction. If by chance, the design is flawed, then the the asphalt can fail even earlier. Remember though, that no two parking  lots can be considered to be same due to the factors described above. Prevention techniques which may look good for one situation could be inappropriate for others. A good pavement contractor can provide good guidance on the right time to do the repair and option of work.Make sure that the services of the company you engage is licensed and has adequate insurance cover to avoid any issues which are likely to arise during the course of the paving project.

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