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Asphalt parking lot cost per space

Whenever it is contemplated to begin a large project, especially like installation of an asphalt parking lot, the budget is a large concern with most people. The size of the parking lot is the main criteria towards arriving at a realistic and a reasonable estimate. The shape, then, of the project area plays an equally important role. Unless the shape is a perfect geometric one like a square or a rectangle, the only other course to calculate the area is by dividing this area into smaller perfect geometric patterns and then deducing the area by addition and subtraction. Having said that, this exercise will give you an insight on the required tonnage, but not the total estimated cost.

Once the tonnage part is decided, the square foot area which actually needs paving has to be determined. Other factors which will also have a bearing on the cost will be, obstructions encountered if any and necessity of taking any advance permission. If your parking lot connects a public road, then you may need a permit from the local municipal corporation and pay to compensate for the connection. The best thing to do is to find a good asphalt contractor, adequately licensed and insured, for your asphalt consultation. The contractor in turn, will make an estimate for you keeping in mind the following aspects:

Parking space

● Mobilization
This is a major factor which can affect the costing of the project. Depending on accessibility, the cost to get the crew and equipment to the site can increase or decrease the cost.

● Inspection of site
Only by looking at the site, one can decide on how the surface is to be laid, keeping in mind the drainage of the area.

● Material
There are two alternatives as far as type of asphalt to be used for the pavement. The recycled pavement or the traditional hot mix surface cost differently.

● Transport
The transport of the hot mix should be so timed that neither the truck driver has to wait for long, nor the road gang be made to wait for the material to be dumped.

● Installation
The better the base, the more durable your parking lot be. The better the quality of material used, the longer the life of the pavement would be.

Considering all the above variable factors, the cost of building a parking lot is best calculated per space. A new construction can range from anywhere between $ 3 to $ 6 per square foot, depending on whether the traffic on it is expected to be light duty or heavy duty truck. At a rough estimate, the cost of a very basic parking space can be around 900$ to 1500$ to construct. A good professional paver contractor may charge more money, but his skills and knowledge will go a long way in compensating gor the quality and longevity of the job done. Remember, that if the installation is professional and adequately drained, then the surface can last for an average of twenty years, before any major reconstruction is deemed necessary. This is why getting hold of a reliable and honest person to do the job is the ideal way to get the best out of your parking space.