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Important Parking Lot Regulation

We rely on the parking lot regulations and signs, in the commercial areas and residential spots, and even driving on the highways. There are certain designated areas where one can park their vehicle. Those signs and regulations guide the driver and give directions so as to avoid any confusions. One can only imagine the confusions and chaos that would arise in the absence of those signs and regulations.
Businesses, private areas, and commercial spots will suffer if the people are not able to find parking space. The absence of any clear signs and regulations would only lead to fender benders and crashes. Emergency vehicles such as Police, Fire, and Ambulance can face difficulties. All those aspects only point to the value of parking lot regulations and signs.
There are clear parking and no parking signs to mark the spot or driveway on a property. For those who are impaired, there are special handicapped parking signs, so as to make life easier for them. Without parking signs, it would be almost impossible for the motorist to get to where he needs to reach without any confusion. It is essential for all vehicles to reach their destination safely and timely. The absence of important signs and regulations can lead to accidents.

Parking Lot Regulation

Some of the common parking lot regulations and signs one comes across are as follows:
Parking Lot — Any area set as, marked, or intended for parking.
• Employee – Parking only for an individual employed by the company or the organization
• Parked/Parking – The area where one can leave their vehicle for a time.
• Abandoned/Disabled Vehicles – Any motor vehicle parked in the same location for more than three days.
• Parking Permit – That hangtag or decal, which identifies an authorized motor vehicle for parking.
• Student – Parking spot for the students
• Visitor – Parking spot for the visitors
Vehicles that display disabled license plates are allowed to park in disabled areas marked for such vehicles. The driver needs to display the standard hangtag along with the disabled license plate when parking in disabled spaces. In case the disabled parking is not available, the individuals are allowed to park in the next available parking space.
When there are no parking signs, the parking is first come first serve. One should follow the rules of the society and respect those signs nevertheless. Any violation of the parking lots and the regulations can lead to fines and penalties. One can get a penalty ticket for not parking within the marked boundaries, parking on the grass or seeded area, parking in the driveway or in the “No Parking” or “Reserved” space. Likewise, one is not allowed to park in the Handicapped space, Fire Lane, Tow Zone. The drivers can get fined for driving on the pathway, for improper use of parking permit, exceeding the timed parking and for the abandonment of their vehicle.
The authorities carry the right enter, move or impound any vehicle which is improperly parked or is found violating the parking regulations. The vehicles can get towed without notice.