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Essentials to Parking lot overlay

South Florida's concrete sidewalk repairAll parking lot get damaged in the long run due to exposure to heavy traffic and weather elements. Gradual deterioration would lead to cracks and faults in the parking lots and it requires regular restoration or rehabilitation. While some surfaces may need complete excavation and replacement, others may need to be resurfaced. There are certain minimum requirements for the construction of parking lots regarding the materials, placing, curing, jointing, texturing and when to open to traffic.

New Concrete Overlay

The existing Parking Lot needs to be evaluated for a new concrete overlay so as to ensure satisfactory performance. Before doing parking lot resurface, it is important to know the reasons for its deterioration and how those issues can be corrected. The engineer should examine the pavement and try to find out the possible reasons for its deterioration. The most likely reasons include heavy traffic, poor construction, drainage problems, inadequate subgrade conditions and substandard conditions. Those issues too need to be worked on along with overlaying of the parking lot surface, or the parking lot will need another cure much sooner than anticipated.

The design of the parking lot overlay should begin only after the existing site conditions have been analyzed and the factors behind the determinations determined. The workers need to keep in mind the thickness of the new concrete surface and this will rely on the type and volume of traffic expected along with the material properties of the concrete to be used. Another governing factor is the strength of the existing pavement. The minimum overlay thickness needs to be controlled carefully so as to build adequate pavement strength. The thickness of the overlay will be more in some areas. Control joints are often deeper for overlayed parking lots and should be made to the least depth of one-third the overlay thickness.

If the sub-grade of the parking lot is in good condition, and there are no signs of surface cracking, then it is a good idea to go for an overlay. Thus, if the surface is getting is dry, brittle, and is raveling, a new layer of asphalt can be installed over the previous one. Edge milling will be needed along gutter pans and transition points. However, is very essential to make the right evaluation so as to take the right decision. Resurfacing is viable option for those with a limited budget. However, one must also take care to root out the main issue that lead to faster weathering of the parking lot if they are looking for a long-term solution.

Ultra-thin overlays parking lots is a no-compromise material that provides a superior performance and a longer life. Concrete is widely known and most durable paving material, but budget constraints often limit its usage. Development of ultra-thin overlays is getting popular because they are fiber-reinforced and carry high-strength. They are easy to apply and are low cost as well. Thus, they make for simple and fast installation, plus are a cost effective solution for parking lot overlays. It is their superior performance characteristics that make them count among competitive with overlays.