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Asphalt pavement types.

protection parkingAsphalt is considered to be the most versatile pavement material, as not only is it durable and safe but noiseless as well. These pavements, once layed, can handle all types of load, ranging from heavy trucks to large aircraft. The surfaces can be designed to reduce noise and take care of excess water during rain etc. Since it can be installed quickly, it is an ideal choice for rehabilitation of busy facilities, like runways for example. Irrespective of the final use, an asphalt pavement gives the best value for money. There are different asphalt pavement types, customized for different surfaces.

Perpetual pavement

This type of pavement uses multiple layers of asphalt in the paving design process to impart a strong and flexible bottom layer. At places where the traffic is heavy, the bottom layer reduces the tensile strength. A stronger intermediate layer, topped by another final top layer, ensures that surface lasts for many years without need for restoration. A perpetual pavement, thus provides a safe and smooth roadway that is durable and long lasting at low costs.

Porous asphalt

A porous pavement adds a new implement  to the designers tool box when it comes to managing excess  storm water. These types of pavements allow the surface water to quickly drain off into a recharge bed or seep into the soils below. With correct design and installation, a porous pavement can not only last as long as twenty years at a stretch, but can manage storm water drainage effectively. Such a pavement is perfect for parking lots and has been proving its worth since the mid seventies.

Quiet pavement

Noise, these days, is known to be one of the most irritating and pervasive form of environmental pollution. It affects everybody, no matter where, at work or play this unwanted element has crept into the lives of people everywhere. While most of the sounds we have to live with, road noise, is one such sound which can be controlled. By providing proper paving of highways and roads with asphalt this noise generated can be vastly reduced. Research over the years has proved, that by treating a noisy road surface with stone- matrix asphalt, reduces highway noise by 3 to 5 decibels or even more.

Warm mix asphalt

This type of warm mix asphalt pavement is adopted at places where the reduction of temperature is required. The obvious benefits of this treatment is cutting fuel consumption and reducing production of greenhouse gases. Other advantages in the construction and engineering field are resulting better compacted pavements with ability to withstand low temperatures and extended pavement life.

Pavement type selection depends on traffic, soil,climate and other factors. Whatever type is ultimately adopted, it should be rational and adaptable to the surface in question. Noise reduction, ride quality and safety should be the important parameters to be taken into consideration.

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